veeam immutable storage repository limitations

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I was researching about “Immutable Storage” it and found out that it has these limitations:


Linux hardened repository:

“The immutability feature is supported for image-level backups only. You can use a hardened repository to store NAS backups, transaction backups, RMAN, SAP HANA, SAP on Oracle backups, but you cannot use the immutability feature to protect these backups.”


Object Storage repository:

The immutability feature is applicable to the Capacity Tier and Archive Tier backups. It does not support the NAS backups



I am looking for the best solution for immutable storage for performance tier. Is there a solution to have immutable for sql transaction logs also?



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If you create a SOBR with a Linux Hardened Repository you can have immutable backups even for transaction logs depending how you back them up (Agent, etc.)

This is the easiest way to have immutable backups.

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Hi @miriam1989

Chris hit the nail on the head 😊 With Performance Tier in a SOBR you can utilize pretty much any regular Repo as an Immutable one & be good to go.