Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows saving restore logs error

  • 13 December 2023

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Dear All,

Our Veeam backup version is P23230718 and Veeam Agent version is 6.0.2. we want to  veeam bare metal recovery but see the error “Saving restore logs Error: Error in the application”, please advise and thank you



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Hi @Kwok Eddie - it looks like the restore was successful, but for some reason, saving the restore log file(s) errored out. Can you confirm if the bare metal restore itself was successful? Are you able to log in? All your files/Volumes available?

I found a couple Forums posts here and here with same issue, but didn’t post the resolution. What was suggested by PM was to open a case with support. I haven’t seen this issue myself, nor was I able to find anything on it in my searches. As I shared above, the 2 Forums posts issues...their restores seemed to work, but the saving of restore logging was the problem.

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Only thing I can find was a post in the forums from 2022 -

You might want to contact support for this one as it notes they are trying to save the logs outside the WinPE environment on a bare metal restore.

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Veeam Agent restores the error. But I tried the same configure in another domain and there was no such problem. Please advise.

Veeam backup version is P23230718

Veeam Agent version is 6.0.2.

Windows Server 2022 Std


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@Kwok Eddie - good morning. The issue stems from not the actual restore (it looks like), but only the saving of the logs Veeam creates for the restore process. I’m not entirely sure where Veeam places the restore logs..either on the device you’re restoring (C:\ProgramData\Veeam?) or on the VBR server (if you’re using that to manage your endpoints). If you’re using a VBR Repo for your endpoint backups, I think VBR would then direct logs to the VBR server. But if you are using some other storage not associated with VBR, Veeam would use the local disk of the restored computer to store the logs. Again..this is a guess. 

In your test of restoring to a different location, did you perform the same process? Are you restoring to a VM? Is the VM storage/disk configured with the same space amount? 

Again, as this error is kind of vague, I suggest looking at the Veeam logs (C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup on the VBR server, backup job name folder) to 1. see if it tells you anything more descriptive on what could be the cause; and/or 2. if you’re not able to decipher the logs, utilize Veeam support to help resolve what the issue may be.

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Hi @Kwok Eddie -

Were you able to get past the log error in your Agent restore? Did one of the provided comments help? If so, could you mark which one did as ‘Best Answer’ so others with a similar error who come across your post may benefit? 

Or, if Veeam Support helped, can you share what they did to resolve the error?

Thank you.