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  • 26 February 2024

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Hello all,

I'm just curious about license and how it counted. We bought already license Veeam B&R.I would like to confirm if no additional license is required cause I'm bit confused.

Is my license sufficient for this needs? Those file shares are also included?

My license edition is: Enterprise Plus




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Hello @Ladislav Boka 

If you are backing up NAS server, each 500 GB will consume 1 license, for Physical servers or VMs, each one will consume 1 license, for desktop or workstation OS, each 3 will consume 1 license.

You bought 10 license, and you backing up 3 servers + 2500 GB of NAS , then you consume 8 licenses and you have 2 left. 

The 2 left license will backup 2 servers or VMs, or 6 desktops, or another 1 TB of NAS

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Beat me to it :).


Just be aware, when doing NAS Backup, if you were to run a File to Tape job, even though it is coming from the same source, it would use additional licenses. 

Also, trying to get Veeam Data on to 2 separate tape libraries uses 2 licenses which I hope changes in the future. 

Every primary job of FileBackup uses 1 VUL for 500Gb. Adding a secondary to it doesn’t use additional data if you need it in a second location. For my case, there is no secondary tape library option. 🙁 I’ve made the feature request but it’s a pretty unique use case.

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Hi Ladislav! The VBR dashboard informs you that you have 10 licenses and are consuming 08 licenses: protecting 03 servers and 2.5TB of NAS/file share.

The remaining 02 licenses can protect 02 Servers/VMs, 1TB of NAS/file share or 06 workstations.

The license counting is straightforward.

IMO, the Veeam licensing is the most simple of the Data Protection market. You need to count how many “instances” you need to protect using the following table:

  • For each VM/Server/App plugin/Cloud VM, you count one license/instance.
  • For each 03 workstations, you count 01 license.
  • For each 500GB of NAS/file share, you count 01 license.

To determine if the 02 available licenses support your growth needs, use the rules above and contact a Veeam sales representative if necessary.

For more information and details, refer to:

Veeam Licensing Policy