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when I try to install Management pack it showing this error. but I try to install in the management pack in the same server where I install windows system center 





Best answer by coolsport00 21 June 2021, 15:15

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I haven’t got much experience with System Center to help but can you just pad this out a bit please?


What version of System Center have you got installed? What operating system is System Center itself installed on?

What is the version of the management pack you’re trying to install?

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Based on the message the version of System Center is not at the level required.  Double check this to be sure.

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If you are not installing the Mgmt Pack on a server running SC Ops Mgr (i.e. you have SC Config Mgmr), or, as @MicoolPaul and @Chris.Childerhose  stated, not running the SC Ops Mgr minimum version as shown in your error, then you will have this install problem. For Mgmt Pack installation System Requirements, see here.