Huawei Cloud Compatibility

  • 5 August 2022
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Hi Veeam Team,


I would like to ask if you have any deployment of veeam, which is th Mgmt is located on prem and the repository is located on the the Huawei Cloud. 

Cant find specific article on that, please feel free to share docs :) Thanks


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Hi @JustineP,


So I’ve not attempted this, but here’s what I know:

  • Huawei aren’t a technology partner of Veeam’s (they used to have storage snapshot integrations with their SANs but that all stopped earlier in the year). The list of partners is available here:
  • As Huawei aren’t a technology partner, nothing is certified for use, so it’s not OFFICIALLY supported
  • There is/was an unofficially supported list too, here: this has some references to Huawei.
  • Huawei don’t advertise their Huawei Cloud storage as S3 compatible, if it’s not a supported “first class citizen” (aka named directly within the object storage screens when you add a repository), then it needs to be S3 compatible.
  • There’d be nothing to stop you running a VM on top of their object storage such as a Linux VM with XFS to use as a normal block-based repository, for backup or backup copy jobs.
  • Otherwise you could ATTEMPT to run a supported object storage platform on top of the Huawei cloud, provided it was supported in that environment, I’ve no idea if that would work or be cost effective, just can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t technically be possible.

In summary, I don’t believe you’ll have much success due to the above, but if you find it works, report back!