Free Veeam products for backing up single physical server

I used to be able to use the Veeam Agent software to back up a single physical Server 2019 server but when I went to the Veeam website last week it looks like the Veeam Agent software is no longer able to be used to back up physical servers for free.


Is there still a version of the Veeam Agent software or another Veeam product that I can be used to back up a single physical Server 2019 server for free?


I need to use a free solution until my organization is able to purchase another Veeam license.


Best answer by JMeixner 27 June 2022, 03:49

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The agent still has a free mode as I use it in my lab for backing up servers.  I do have some licensed but free does still work.

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You write “until my organization is able to purchase another Veeam license”.

Do you use the agent standalone to backup one server or do you connect the agent to a (licensed) VBR server? Then the server assigns a license to the agent. And there is a limit of 10 instances (servers, VMs) a VBR server can backup free.

Otherwise the free agent for Windows and Linix servers is still available.

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@Chris.Childerhose and @JMeixner did say absolutely right.

And here’s the link, as you can see it's still free and functional: :)