Enterprise Manager Licensing Push not working

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Customer running v10 on 3 existing VBR servers and Enterprise Manager. EM has perpetual socket license.
Replaced perpetual socket license on the EM server with new instance license.
Opened up all three backup server consoles, and opened up the License dialog. All three showed perpetual licenses still.
When Update or Install or Remove were clicked, the warning came up that the licensing was managed by an EM Server, did we want to continue? Cancelled this.
Backup Service and Guest Catalog services were restarted: no change.
Backup server was restarted: no change.
Removed backup server from EM server; opened up license dialog on VBR, removed license so it is now Community Edition. Started Database collection. Closed and reopened dialog box on VBR, no change.
Finally just put the new Instance license on the VBR. The other two servers are still showing perpetual, although successive database collections all showed successful connections to the backup servers.

1. How should license updates behave when swapping out perpetual with VUL?
2. Is there a way to force a push and update?


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Also try running a collection from VEM on the VBR server as that sometimes helps to push out the license I have found.  Otherwise it will eventually.

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There's a registry key for VBR which prevents the license push from EM(or better pull). I can't find it now but I would suggest that you check the registry settings on the customers VBR servers and see if you find something suspicious.