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Good afternoon,

I am with V10 version


With Enterprise manager I try to hide jobs and vm depending on user.


User1 : could see Job1 and vm Vm1 and vm 2

User2: could see Job2 and vm Vm3 


We have two roles : Portal administrator and portal user.


With the role portal user, I filtered the vm for each user. It works fine the User1 sees vm1 and vm2 and User2 sees VM3.

But the two users see job1 and job2. My question is how do we filter the jobs by users as we can do with vm?




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Are you using VB&R v10 and Enterprise Manager in a vSphere environment? If so, you can use our Self-Service Portal with flexible delegation. Useful links:

You can delegate backup and restore jobs creation / management of specific VMs or infrastructure containers (Clusters, Datastore, Resource Pools, etc.) to individual users or groups.

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For Hyper-V environments, there currently is no similar feature to the vSphere Self-Service Portal. You can delegate restores and limit visibility for users/groups using the “Restore Operator” role, but if your goal is allowing users/groups to see/manage only a subset of the existing jobs, this is not currently implemented.

One possible way to achieve this would be using REST APIs and building a custom page or portal.

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Good Morning DChiavari,


I am sorry but I forgot to say, I am with HyperV environment.


Thanks for your answer

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Good afternoon DChiavari,


Thanks a lot for your answer.


Have a nice day