Editing New-Format Backup Copy Jobs after Chain Upgrade completed

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Lets say a periodic legacy backup copy job “LEGACY” was configured to copy 3 source jobs: JOB-A, JOB-B, JOB-C
During the creation of the new-format backup copy job named “NEW”, only source job JOB-A was initially included.  On the storage tab, target mapping was used to point to the “LEGACY” job.   
This triggered a format upgrade for all items inside the LEGACY job, creating a new target named “NEW”.
Now I want to edit the “NEW” job to add “JOB-B” as an additonal souce.
Do I need to return to the storage-tab of the job and choose target mapping and select “LEGACY” again?
What happens if I do?
Will it recognise that this chain has already been converted and correctly target “NEW” instead?


Best answer by Mark2024 19 March 2024, 00:55

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@Mark2024 - ah, ok. Glad to hear you got it all sorted. Thanks for sharing your resolution with the Community!

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@coolsport00 it turned out that the backup copy job was indeed re-targeted at the original “LEGACY” folder in the repository, and the execution of the copy job resulted in a very strange failure mode where most of the backup copying “froze indefinitely” on a per-item at 0% progress, and froze for over 40 hours of doing nothing.  The resolution to this shemozzle was to edit the copy job and choose the “NEW” target folder (containing all the converted chains from the original job), and the next execution of the copy job worked fine.

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To me if you are pointing at the Legacy job which contains all the previous jobs when you add Job B to the New job you should not have to repoint it.  However it is best to test this as mentioned.

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Not sure I’ve seen or heard of anyone attempting this process @Mark2024 . A couple things you can try - maybe try and do this with some test jobs if you’re able? Second, ping Veeam Support to see what they say. Maybe Veeam Product Managers on the Veeam Forums have an idea of the behavior that would transpire if you modified your job as you want to. Other than that...unless someone else chimes in, I don’t know.