[What (else) is new in v12 - XIII] - File Level Restore – Restore Permissions only

  • 14 February 2023

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Another new feature when restoring (Windows) files is the possibility to restore only the permissions. This can be helpful if you accidentally activate inheritance for a directory.

You can select single files or a directory. As usual, a summary is displayed when the job is completed. The error shown in the screenshot is due to a file that has already been deleted and for which the permissions cannot be restored.

For this to work, network connection must be established. VIX does not work here.


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Great piece! 

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It is funny you posted this as I just wrote about it in one of my chapters recently.  😂

Great feature for sure for those “oops” moments.  😋

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I’ve had a couple times it would have been handy to use this, but I forget it exists.  Thanks for the reminder!