VMCA 2022 - Finally passed after 3 try's

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Hi Guy’s 

The path to success is rarely linear; it often winds through setbacks, challenges, and moments of doubt. My journey through the VMCA (Veeam Certified Architect) exam epitomizes this truth, culminating in a well-earned victory with a score of 79%. It's a story of resilience, growth, and the satisfaction that comes from persevering against the odds.

Adding a unique layer to my journey is the fact that I have spent the last seven years dedicated to working with Veeam, a prominent player in the realm of data protection and management. This experience has given me an extensive and intimate understanding of the intricacies of data backup, recovery, and virtualization management.

The VMCA exam was no small feat during my first two attempts, with scores of 55% and 64% respectively. Yet, each outcome held within it a lesson, a piece of the puzzle that would eventually lead me to success. These results could have deterred me, leading to discouragement and abandonment, but they had the opposite effect—they fueled my determination.

Armed with the insights gained from seven years of working with Veeam, I approached the exam for the third time with a blend of caution and confidence. The experience of dealing with data protection intricacies and navigating the challenges of real-world scenarios had prepared me for the intricate questions on the VMCA exam.

After read some books from @Chris.Childerhose and see all the videos from Rasmus Haslund @haslund on his YouTube channel, I started to be more confident.

As I worked my way through the questions, I felt a sense of familiarity, a result of meticulous preparation and strategic problem-solving. The months of dedication were finally paying off, and the result reflected my efforts—a 79% score. The passing mark was more than just a numerical figure; it was a manifestation of the growth I had undergone.

The journey had transformed my perception of success. It wasn't solely about achieving a certain percentage or earning a certificate; it was about the process of evolution. I had come to understand that passing the VMCA exam wasn't just an endpoint; it was a milestone on a path of continuous learning and improvement.

The sense of fulfillment that accompanied that 79% was profound. It wasn't just a validation of my knowledge; it was a celebration of resilience. Each attempt, each score, had played a role in shaping my character and enhancing my abilities. In a way, I was grateful for the challenges, as they had propelled me to surpass my own expectations.

For those facing similar trials, my journey serves as a reminder that the path to success can be arduous, but the rewards are worth the struggle. A 79% may not be a perfect score, but it represents a perfect effort—the culmination of determination, perseverance, and growth. Moreover, the intersection of my VMCA success and my seven years of Veeam expertise has reinforced the notion that real-world experience is a powerful companion to formal education and certification. This tandem has equipped me with the skills needed to tackle challenges and make a lasting impact in the world of data management.

Many thanks to Chris and Rasmus for the great support that they give to the community and also for Veeam team that create this challenger exam.




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@rildo.giroux congratulations!👏

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Congrats on the pass @rildo.giroux , but I think what you mean by VMCA is Veeam Certified Architect, rather than Virtual Machine Certified Associate? 😊 BTW...the VMCA is no joke, likewise the VMCE. It takes time, effort, practice, & experience with the product to pass them. Well done!

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Congratulations. I can honestly say VMCA was one of the most challenging exams I’ve taken.

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Congratulations @rildo.giroux ! As others have mentioned, both the VMCE and VMCA are difficult exams and challenging in different ways. It’s a significant accomplishment! Great job!

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Congrats.  I look forward to working on my VMCE and eventually VMCA exams, so it’s great to see reports like this that give reasonable expectations of what it’s like and allows me to realize that it’s not going to be just an easy exam that I’ll skate through without actual effort.

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Congrats @rildo.giroux on the passing and nice to hear my books helped out. Glad to see them being used even for certification. 😎

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Congrats!!! I need to write this myself one of these days. 

Sounds like a hard exam so I’ll remember this when I study