VBR-VCC Storage migration data backup SEAL mode

  • 27 July 2022
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Switching to Seal Mode - User Guide for VMware vSphere (veeam.com)


Hello I wanted to bring to your attention a really interesting and useful feature.

  • Create new Veeam  backup repository on new storage


  • Insert new exent on existing SOBR
  • Set seal mode extent to be decommissioned


After the extent is sealed, no further data is saved to the extent, and only read operations such as restore, merge and remove are allowed.

Wait for the chains of all your jobs to reach the set restore points.

Then verify that no Veeamzip \ export backups or oneshot backups without schedules are allocated on the old extent to be decommissioned.

Such data will not be migrated needs a manual operation of moving veeamzip \export backup files etc.

I love this feature allows me painless storage migrations for both standalone VBR environments and Veeam Cloud Connect platform .

thanks for your attention

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We use this feature allot in our VCC environment when extents start to get full.  We just Seal them off allowing the customer to still restore but write to existing/new extents.  Great way to expand and control space.

With v12 and the DataMover option to me this may become an obsolete option to use since you can just move backups between extents. 😎