VannyGPT 1.0 - AI Q+A bot for Veeam KB Articles

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Let's rip the band-aid off, as I know most of you really just want to see it right?!



My Objectives

  • Build a Chatbot interface, nothing new here, but it's a hot topic right now
  • Use the Veeam KB data as the primary data source,
    (the clean data didn't exist, but i built my own API for it as well as the scraping engine... you can use it too)
  • Learn about embeddings, using the OpenAI models because they're super easy (and certainly at the time) to interact with
  • Learn about Vector databases, I used Pinecone but there are like 20 more since Feb... lots of funding for startups in this space already
  • Learn, have fun along the way, share the knowledge

I really just wanted to share the project with y’all, the techy-details about the various bits are over on my blog if you were interested!

Let me know what you think, good idea? would you use it? How would you improve it?


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nice move man

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Awesome stuff, @benyoung !

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Really great initiative Ben.  Looking forward to its progression.

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Nice Ben, I was working exactly on the same !


Let’s get in touch to see what the most ideal and affordable to build this. We’re hosting the whole trained model on our own infrastructure.

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Have to say, this is really cool! 

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I missed this post...or it’s one of the various tabs I haven open that I haven’t read yet.  Either way, this is very cool and I look forward to seeing it’s growth.