Tailscale on my Homelab - Testing

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Hi folks, 
I continued my tests on the lab, and did a I wanted to share the results and thoughts with you.

After the initial setup, and installing Tailscale on my Veeam V&R Server vm, I also installed on a client machine outside of my network (also internet connection, emulating a remote client).

Tailscale has a Magic DNS service that, when the agent is installed, you can call the clients by their DNS names (or names configured at the Web console),

So, I though, why don't I deploy a backup agent and connect it through the Tailscale VPN network?

instead of opening ports, and mapping IP addresses, I give it a shot,

I created a protection group and added the test client in the process, as you can see in the screenshots:

the, with the agent deployed, I created a backup job to test it out.

Now, let's trigger the backup, the fist one will be a FULL one, so I was anxious and “scared” at the same time:

Fire in the hole!
Backup has started and seems to be doing fine…

and here it comes the magic, performing at 68Mbps and very stable, 
Full backup from the agent to the Veeam B&R Server with Local repo running ok!

And done!
60GB thin vm
Read 11GB
Transferred 6.5GB
In less than 30 minutes!

Then my curiosity went 1 level up, so I decided to also perform a FLR from the client:

an ESXi 8 ISO file, around 600MB.



I’ve got so impressed on how good it performed!!

I really wanted to show it to you, in case you have a special deployment or occasion, you have an idea of a possible workaround, or like me, running some tests for fun!

I will post the steps and process more detailed on my blog.



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Very cool.  Still trying to get to this for testing in my homelab too.  Will get there one day but nice to see it working for you in your scenario.

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Very nice test man!

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Very cool Luis!