Tailscale on my HomeLab

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Hi everyone,
some days ago I posted about Tailscale
Better than Just VPN for the Home Lab

Now, I will show a couple cases Im using it for:

  • RDP to my lab
    Now, from my laptop and anywhere with internet access, I can connect to my “JumpStation” to get into my HomeLab, exactly! and it has a great feature called “Magic DNS” that it does call the remote machine from the Tailscale name, so no IP address needed.
  • Remote access to my Lab Network
    Yes, you read it right it has a feature that enables the bypass / routing of the networks you have in the Tailscale host, so you can access that network from the remote connected device, in case you need to access a device that has not capability to install Tailscale in it, I use it to access my router, my center and my storage appliance.
  • Proxy form outside routing my internet traffic.
    Exactly, now I can activate the “Exit node” feature that allows me to route all the client traffic to the “Tailscale” selected host to get to the internet, very useful when we are in public sites, or want to watch your local Netflix content being in another country / location.
    (I used it at Miami to watch my Netflix from Spain, and also to access my data through the Hotel’s public WIFI.)
  • For Lab proposes, I have setup a Tailscale client on my Veeam B&R server, and deployed the agent on my Laptop from it, so now, my backups are going directly from my Veeam Agent to my Server, without opening any port, and no additional setups, just as it is done via Local Network, with great results and bandwidth.

These are the main things Im working with this great tech.

here I leave the Link to some of them, and also a few screenshots.

The second screenshot shows a couple of RDPs working at the same time, and the ping + config window shows that, my MacBook is connected to the 192.168.111.X network (in my house)

and the 10.0.0.X network is remote, in another house, with the Tailscale routing enable to route the traffic from my LAN to the remote network.


Its very cool, and has tons of applications!



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Looks like a tool I need to explore for remote access to my homelab.  Thanks for sharing the examples Luis.

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Neat share Luis!

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Excellent information - something for me to look into.  Thanks Luis!

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Hey Luis, I missed you previous about this solution. Didn't heard of this solution, but certainly one to figure out myself. Great article and thank for sharing. 

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Very cool! My coworker has gone all in on this getting his whole family and everyone else using it. I should try this myself. 


Hopefully soon they will have some type of “Per app” VPN available for free. We use that with our MDM solution at work so some apps connect back to our site, some to the cloud, some to the internet. Very handy and keeps the data lower.   Netflix abroad sounds like a reason alone to get in on this :)