[Quicktip] Errors in Enterprise Manager during Catalog Replication - Restore Point not found

  • 8 February 2022

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Error message is about a missing restore point for a certain VM. Because of this catalog replication job fails.



Cause and solution

One possible cause is the deactivation of VMs guest indexing in backup job during a period of time when Enterprise Manager did not have access to the VBR server. In a specific case the password of the user that was used by Enterprise Manager to communicate with VBR server was changed.

Fortunately, the solution here is also quite simple. At least I found a quite simple way to solve the problem. You need enable guest indexing and run the backup job. After this run make sure catalog replication runs without an issue. Now you can disable indexing again. From now on catalog should be replicated without problems.


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Thanks for sharing.  It is great using VEM for this stuff.

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I think a “series about errors and how to solve them” is super interesting to be kept updated in this community!