23rd of July - Veeam Usergroup Germany Meeting

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Hi to all the “german speaking” VUG members !


This is the first session partnering with VUG AT where we are going to join forces and deliver a session to you guys. This one is going to be in english though ;)

as announced, we will have a Veeam Usergroup session on VMCE and generally how to approach multiple choice exams. We could win no one less than @haslund for this session and are extremely happy that he does this session for us ! Look forward to a great session with lots of tips and tricks !


Because the session is far enough in the future, we hope for a lot of participation :)

We are also going to open up a Poll in the VUG germany to gather information in regards to VMCE, so @haslund can tweak the session to your needs.

Thanks in advance for the participation within the poll and the event on the 23rd of July 2021.

Mark your calendars !

Best Regards


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Although I'm already certified I'm looking forward to this session in preparation for VMCE2021.

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I’ll be on! :)

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Definitely going to attend this one. Should help with upcoming exams. 

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Super :thumbsup_tone2: Already marked in calendar and I am looking forward to this meeting. :sunglasses: