Add Multiple Veeam Backup Servers to Veeam Enterprise Manager using API

  • 25 January 2022

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Hey All

Thought i would re post a recent post of mine here,  detailing how to add multiple VBR servers to enterprise manager using powershell and API

Scenario is: multiple Veeam Backup Servers managing individual remote sites or Geo-located DCs. To get a centralized view of each site its then advisable to add these Veeam Backup Servers to Veeam Enterprise Manager. Too do so you would need to follow a wizard for each Veeam Backup Server , when you have anything over 15-30 sites this can be a cumbersome task.

My logic to do this was : I needed Powershell to import a list of server names and IPs and then call an API command against Enterprise Manager for each server in the list.

So i created a CSV file with 2 columns ; Server Name ; IP ; you could just have a single column if you have perfect name resolution in your network.

I populated the CSV file with Hostnames & IPs so that i could use either in the script & saved this to the root of the C Drive / Volume on the Veeam Enterprise Manager Server.


Steps on how to configure the full script URL:

This can be a quick and easy way to add multiple Veeam Backup Servers to your Veeam Enterprise Manager for Global Overview.

The full Script here on Github



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