Is it possible to use Kasten with volumesnapshotclass on CSI driver?

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I have a k8s cluster running on top on VMWare infrastructure.

VMWare CSI ( is installed and is working correctly.
I have installed too the volumesnapshotclass with the controller on top of CSI driver as described here:

The volumesnapshotclass  is working well; I can snapshot PVC and restore them as well without problem.

But Kasten refuses to use the volumesnapshotclass.

For instance, running preflight tool:

$ ./k10tools primer csi-cluster-check
CSI Capabilities Check:
  Skipping, K10 does not use CSI snapshots for vSphere

Is it possible to say to Kasten: I know I am in a vSphere environment, but please just use volumesnapshotclass to backup the PVC?

Many thanks for your help


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I am not sure about the pre-flight script but when I have gotten this to work I have always used a vsphere infrastructure profile since it seems to say that in the docs here:

 “Creation of a vSphere Infrastructure Profile is required to backup volumes provisioned by the vSphere CSI driver. Additional information related to the management of vSphere volumes is also found in the same section.”



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@lejav At this point, K10 doesn’t support CSI snapshotting with Vsphere driver.

As @Geoff Burke mentioned, You will have to use Infrastructure profile to setup backup/exports for Vsphere CSI driver based volumes.

This internally uses vsphere govmomi libraries to connect to your vsphere infra and do snapshot and volume operations.

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@jaiganeshjk Many thanks for your answer.
What I do not understand well is: what are the limitations? We have a volumesnapshotclass working correctly. Kasten might be able to use it, as any volumesnapshotclass, no?


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K10 is currently set-up to use the infrastructure profile for all the PVCs provisioned using Vsphere CSI driver and doesn’t take the CSI snapshot route.

Currently Kasten doesn’t use the volumeSnapshotClass for the Vsphere PVCs.

With Infrastructure profile in K10, Exports can be set to use blockmode and CBT using VADP API.

I am not sure if this is possible with the CSI snapshots. 


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Hi All,

If the vsphere-csi is not supported for volumeSnapshotClass… where are the snapshot are stored?

I’m using OCP4.10

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@banjo We use Vsphere govmomi library to create FCD snapshots in Vsphere directly.