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Not to be a negative nelly, but don’t we already have as a repository that is purpose built for this type of content, managed by people who know code? Can we not push community script additions there rather than turning them into effectively forum posts?

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Hey @k00laidIT!

Veeamhub is a great resource, and Script library isn’t a replacement for this, but a complimentary resource, also for those who aren’t using Veeamhub (e.g. someone likes Reddit, someone likes Spiceworks - you can’t really force people to choose)

Apart from that, we’re linking to Veeamhub in our posts and highly appreciate community contribution there. 

We will also look into possibility connecting these two resources so community can benefit from code samples published at Veeamhub.


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Shall we recommend to all posts here, to link to the proper VeeamHub, or GitHub in general at the end of the post? I agree this place can be so static compared to Github, so a reference, link will always keep everything up to date.


I have done it with my two blog posts here, reference and link to the proper site.


I think that will be the missing piece.


Still like this space more so we can discuss and comment quick, rather than in github where to write anything, needs to be an issue, pr, etc.

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I think there isn’t an objective to dethrone GitHub, but here may be a good place for the longer form version of the story.

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Agree VeeamHUB should remain the repository for the code with VeeamCommunity forums being the pointer