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Hi all, 

I just wanted to give you some updates on vCLI’s updates (up to 0.7.0-beta1):

  1. PUT and POST operations
  2. Default API updated to v12 VBR and v7 VB365
  3. Enterprise Manager support
  4. Utility functions:
    1. VBR Job GET to POST converter
    2. Check for version updates 
  5. Job template feature

VBR Job GET to POST converter

The VBR API Job object is slightly different to the POST object; the converter can take a GET object json file and convert it to a POST object json file. 

Job Template feature

The job template feature was put together to help with having to manage large VBR job objects. 

A job template can be created, forming the basis for any new jobs you want to create. 

For example, if you only need to modify the VMs, you only need to pass a relatively small object:

type: Backup
name: my job
description: Created by VCLI.
isDisabled: false
- type: VirtualMachine
hostName: your-vmware-host
name: your-vm-name
objectId: vm-0001

The command being:

vcli job create abc-job.yaml

You can also modify the other key objects of the job:

  • schedule
  • guest processing
  • storage

When you want to modify more than just the virtual machine, you can pass a -f/ --folder flag and point it to a folder with a job file and one or all of the above files.

├── job-abc.yaml
└── storage-abc.yaml

Then run:

vcli job create -f .\sql-job-folder

There are more features which you can read about here:

vcli/ at master · shapedthought/vcli (

Main repo can be found here:

shapedthought/vcli: vcli is a simple tool to interact with (most) Veeam APIs (

If you have any other features you think could be added, please add an issue on the repository. 

Also, if you like this project, please give it a star on GitHub!



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You are faster in developing than I am in testing 😎👍🏼

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Thanks for sharing.