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Hi everyone,

I wrote some reports that helps me to manage Veeam backups. I put them online to share it to community. Feel free to use them and personnalize them 👍


BR-MorningReport : shows backup results of the night


BR-DurationReport : shows duration and layout of backup jobs



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Thanks for uploading this. This Duration Report will be useful for helping us schedule our backups in quiet spots.

For info, I had to make a couple of small changes. The script assumes it’s being run on the VBR server which isn’t always the case. I added a connect-vbrserver to allow for this. I’ve also added some extra debugging output, as the get-vbrbackupsessions takes around 5 minutes in our environment (I’ve previously requested Veeam add -DateFrom/DateTo to the cmdlet).


Cheers, Rob.

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Very nice reports and thanks for sharing with the community.  I am going to take a look at them and test them out.  😁