[PowerShell] vSphere Tag and vSphere SPBM Examples with Veeam Backup & Replication

  • 22 October 2020

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#region: Add Veeam PSSnapin and Connect
Add-PSSnapin VeeamPSSnapin
$VeeamCred = Get-Credential -Message "Veeam Credential"
Connect-VBRServer -Server "" -Credential $VeeamCred

#region: VMware Module and vCenter Connection
Get-Module -ListAvailable -Name VMware* | Import-Module
Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -DefaultVIServerMode Single -InvalidCertificateAction Ignore -Scope Session -Confirm:$false
$vCenterCred = Get-Credential -Message "vCenter Credential"
Connect-VIServer -Server "" -Credential $vCenterCred

#region: List Objects in Backup Jobs
$VBRJobs = (Get-VBRJob).where({$_.JobType -eq "Backup" -and $_.Name -like "*Location*"})
## List Backup Jobs that match the filter
$VBRJobs | Select Name, JobType, SourceType | ft

$VBRJobToLocationA = Get-VBRJob -Name "Backup to LocationA"
## list Objects in Job
$VBRJobToLocationA.GetObjectsInJob().GetObject() | Select ViType, Name, ObjectId | ft

#region: Get Veeam Tag Details
## Veeam Inventory
(Find-VBRViEntity -Tags).where({$_.Type -eq "Tag"}) | Select Path, Reference | ft -AutoSize
## vSphere Tag
Get-Tag | Select Category, Name, Id | ft -AutoSize

#region: Example - Add and Remove tag from Job
$ExampleTag = (Find-VBRViEntity -Tags).where({$_.Type -eq "Tag" -and $_.Name -eq "Protected"})

## Add tag to Job
Add-VBRViJobObject -Job $VBRJobToLocationA -Entities $ExampleTag

$VBRJobToLocationA | Get-VBRJobObject | select Type, Location, Name

## Remove tag from Job
$VBRJobToLocationA | Get-VBRJobObject -Name "Protected" | Remove-VBRJobObject -Completely:$true

$VBRJobToLocationA | Get-VBRJobObject | select Type, Location, Name

#region: Get VMs per Location by Tag
$LocationTagCategory = Get-TagCategory -Name "Location"
[Array]$LocationTags = Get-Tag -Category $LocationTagCategory
$DatastoreLocationA = Get-Datastore -Tag $LocationTags.where({$_.Name -eq "LocationA" })
$DatastoreLocationB = Get-Datastore -Tag $LocationTags.where({$_.Name -eq "LocationB" })
$VMsLocaltionA = $DatastoreLocationA | Get-VM
$VMsLocaltionB = $DatastoreLocationB | Get-VM

#region: Tag VMs
$DestinationnTagCategory = Get-TagCategory -Name "VeeamDestination"
$VMsLocaltionB | New-TagAssignment -Tag $(Get-Tag -Category $DestinationnTagCategory -Name "LocationA")
$VMsLocaltionA | New-TagAssignment -Tag $(Get-Tag -Category $DestinationnTagCategory -Name "LocationB")

#region: Get Tag Tag Assignment
$VMsLocaltionB | Get-TagAssignment
$VMsLocaltionA | Get-TagAssignment

#region: Remove Tag Tag Assignment
Get-VM | Get-TagAssignment | Remove-TagAssignment -Confirm:$false

#region: Tag Windows VMs
$OsTagCategory = Get-TagCategory -Name "OS-Type"

## Get Windows tag
Get-Tag -Category $OsTagCategory -Name "Windows"

## Report all VM OSes
Get-VM | Select-Object Name, GuestID, @{name='DetectedGuestID';expression= {$_.ExtensionData.Guest.GuestId}} | Format-Table -AutoSize

## Assign tag
foreach ($VM in Get-VM){
if ($VM.GuestId -match "Windows"){
$VM | New-TagAssignment -Tag $(Get-Tag -Category $OsTagCategory -Name "Windows") | out-null
Write-Host "'$($VM.Name)': Windows identified - Guest ID: '$($VM.GuestID) / Detected OS: '$($VM.ExtensionData.Guest.GuestId)'." -ForegroundColor Green
elseif ($VM.ExtensionData.Guest.GuestId -match "Windows") {
$VM | New-TagAssignment -Tag $(Get-Tag -Category $OsTagCategory -Name "Windows") | out-null
Write-Host "'$($VM.Name)': Windows identified." -ForegroundColor Green
else {
Write-Host "'$($VM.Name)' has unknown Guest ID: '$($VM.GuestID) and Detected OS: '$($VM.ExtensionData.Guest.GuestId)' " -ForegroundColor Yellow

#region: Tag VMs by SPBM
## Get Datstores
Get-SpbmStoragePolicy -Name "NetApp-LocationB" | Get-SpbmCompatibleStorage
## Get VMs
Get-SpbmStoragePolicy -Name "NetApp-LocationB" | Get-VM

## Set Tag
Get-SpbmStoragePolicy -Name "NetApp-LocationB" | Get-VM | New-TagAssignment -Tag $(Get-Tag -Category $DestinationnTagCategory -Name "LocationA")

#region: Remove Tag Tag Assignment
Get-VM | Get-TagAssignment | Remove-TagAssignment -Confirm:$false



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