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Happy New Year, community members! 🎊 Hoping that 2023 brings you nothing but happiness & more badges!  


On the latest Community Recap@Rick Vanover and @Madi.Cristil  discussed the latest badges that were created to celebrate the community and your achievements. Adding the new badges to the batch, we have a total of 24 badges.  

*2 new badges were added 2-16-2023* 

*1 new badge added 3-10-2023* *1 new added 3-20-23*

So, WHAT are they and HOW can you earn them? Here is the complete guide for Veeam Community Badges: 


Badge Name Description Requirements


VUG Leader You're a Veeam User Group Leader! You lead an active VUG/thematic group.


Active VUG Member 

You're an actively engaging Veeam User Group member! You commented 10 times in VUGs.


Blogger of the Month Your blog was chosen as the Blog of the Month! <----


Kubernetes Captain 

You're an actively engaging Kubernetes Korner member! You created 10 topics and replied 15 times in Kubernetes Korner.


Automation Wizard You're an actively engaging Automation Desk member! You created 10 topics and replied 15 times in Automation Desk.


Cyber Protector You're an actively engaging Cyber Security Space member! You created 10 topics and replied 15 times in Cyber Security Space.


Conversations Champion 

You drive interaction in the Community! You created 10 topics in the Discussion Board.


Discussions Guardian

You never leave a topic without a reply! You commented 30 times in the Community.


One of The First 

You're one of the first 1,000 members! You created a Community Hub account before it hit 1,000 members.


Veeam University Pro

You mastered Veeam University! You completed all Veeam University units.


Veeam University Freshman

You’ve completed your 1st Veeam University unit! <----


Productive Content Creator

You are a fantastic content creator! You have an active audio and/or video content presence (YouTube, podcast, etc.) with 10 or more posts/episodes uploaded.


Awesome Blogger

You are an amazing blogger! You created 15 topics in the Blogs & Podcasts board.


Top Technical Writer You are a terrific technical writer! You created 300 topics, replied 75 times, and provided 7 best answers. 


Social Media Star You’re a social media influencer! You share community-related content weekly on your personal social media(s).


Community Reviewer You go above and beyond to make the Community a better place!  You make suggestions, create VUGs/thematic groups, take notice of unusual activity, etc.


Veeam Employee You are a Veeam employee on the Community Hub! <----


VeeamOn Presenter You rocked at VeeamOn! You presented at VeeamOn!


Prolific Presenter  You presented at a Veeam event! You presented at an in-person Veeam conference/event.


Webinar Presenter  You presented at a Veeam webinar! You presented at a Veeam webinar and/or virtual Veeam Community event. 


Veeam Legend You’re a Veeam Legend! <----


Veeam Vanguard You’re a Veeam Vanguard! <----


Veeam MVP You’re a Veeam MVP! <----


VMCA Certified  You are VMCA certified! You completed your VMCA courses and earned the certification. 


VMCE Certified  You are VMCE certified! You completed your VMCE courses and earned the certification. 


Recap Hero You’re a recap hero! You were highlighted in 10 or more Community Recaps. 


Community Einstein You never leave a question unanswered!  You have solved 100 questions or more. 


Community Superstar You are a Vanguard, Legend, and VUG Leader who continuously engages in the Community! <---- *If you are not both a Vanguard and Legend, leading a VUG AND  thematic group makes you qualify.* 


If you feel that you qualify for a badge that you have not received yet, please let @Madi.Cristil or I know.  


We would like to thank you all for your continuous engagement and activity in the Community Hub! Incredible to see how much good comes out of the interactions. Looking forward to what's to come this year and awarding badges to you all. 😊   

Happy New Year, 

Veeam Community Team  


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Absolutely love this post & the transparency @safiya . I always wondered what is needed to get some of the badges.


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new badge for those who have provided 100 or more best answers. 💡

thanks for the idea @JMeixner

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The badge looks great and the Einstein Alfred is very funny. 😂

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The badge looks great and the Einstein Alfred is very funny. 😂

From now on, the mascotte is now called Alfred Einstein; change my mind

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That’s a great one! 😂