Kasten K10 has process with keyword "Chrome"????

  • 21 September 2022

We have a k8s cluster, using Kasten K10 to backup those workloads, has a k10 sidecar “attached” to each workload.

Recently we found that the Linux OS of the worker nodes frequently has some <defunct> processes, with keyword “chrome”.

Our support team (who manages and operates the k8s cluster) says they asked K10 support team, who told them these processes were caused by K10 software, a bug that will be fixed in future.

I am kind of new to all these k8s, k10 things. This makes me very confused. Does K10 use Google Chrome browser internally?? Or the word “chrome” has any other special meaning in K10, or in k8s, or in general Linux system??

I tried to google about it, but the Google Chrome browser is so dominating in the world, that almost all search results about the word “chrome” are referring to Google Chrome browser.

Any advice would be appreciated.


The processes are like below when listed by ps

UID    PID        PPID        C    STIME    TTY    TIME        CMD
XXXX    YYYYY    ZZZZZ    0    HH:MM    ?    00:00:00    [chrome_crashpad] <defunct>
XXXX    YYYYY    ZZZZZ    0    HH:MM    ?    00:00:00    [chrome] <defunct>
XXXX    YYYYY    ZZZZZ    0    HH:MM    ?    00:00:00    [chrome] <defunct>
XXXX    YYYYY    ZZZZZ    0    HH:MM    ?    00:00:00    [chrome] <defunct>
XXXX    YYYYY    ZZZZZ    0    HH:MM    ?    00:00:00    [chrome] <defunct>
XXXX    YYYYY    ZZZZZ    0    HH:MM    ?    00:00:00    [chrome] <defunct>



Thanks all. 🙏🏻


I am also asking my support team for more information e.g. what K10 support actually said in details. Hope they can provide soon (usually slow response though)


I just wonder if this might be a very common knowledge in Linux/k8s/k10? 🤔 So I ask here first. If it is, then I can save the troubles to drill down what’s happening. Seems the answer is no. 😅

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I have not encountered this yet to be honest. What exactly did Kasten support say? Did they provide any tech details and were logs given to them? Again if they claim it is a bug and will be fixed then I guess that is the case but would be interesting to know what is behind that.

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@Geoff Burke 

For example, maybe, K10 internally uses Google Crashpad to report error?