getting reports of failed backup/exports via email (and presentation)

Good day folks, my name is Alessandro and I’m a legacy (and old) system and backup admin who recently started working with K10/Openshift.

In this topic I’d like to ask the community if there is a way to tell K10 “send me one email every morning, containing the list of iussues occurred yesterday with the protection of namespaces/project.”

Support suggested me to follow this guide

and I did it, but I only get unuseful mails with the “backup ended overall” test in the body.

I googled a lot and I’ve found this article

If I understand well, they decided to bypass grafana (which is kind of an overkill just to get an email...) installed a second prometheus and managed to get some email. 

Does anyone struggled with the same task I’m working on? Potentially trying something like in the previous post?
Thanks in advance


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