Backup and import on the same cluster in multicluster ?

  • 23 September 2022

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We have setup Kasten with multi-cluster with 2 OpenShift Cluster. We can backup with a policy from cluster “a” and then export the backup to PV. We can restore on the “b” cluster with a policy “import and restore after import” from the PV. The same PV is available on the two cluster. The PV is mounted with nfs. It’s work good, we can backup and restore our namespace.


It this possible do backup with a policy and export and restore with import on the same cluster ? Or is this only avaible between two cluster ?



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Paging @Geoff Burke

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Can you clarify the end-goal here so we can work back on what’s the best way to achieve this?


Would it be that you wish to create an immediate clone of your application, potentially as a dev/test space? Or for recovery validation efforts etc? On your same cluster “a”?

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You can leverage transforms in the restore to change namespaces for example.

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So for example restore to namespace = nginx_restored

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my only question would be about the pv’s but I believe you can transform those as well to duplicate, and of course you can change the storageClass through a transform as well. 

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@seb2020 Thanks for posting the question.

The import is not required to be done in the same cluster(it would fail even if you do).

Import operation is designed to import the restorepoints in a secondary cluster(cluster “b”).

However, you will already have that restorepoint in the primary cluster(cluster “a”  in your case) and you can use that to restore your application.


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Thank for the information. I understand now with your comment @jaiganeshjk 


@MicoolPaul The main goal is to backup some namespace (4-5 namespaces) with a policy and then restore all the namespace with the policy (run the policy and all namespaces are restored) instead going to applications, select each namespace and restore them.