VeeamVssHwSnapshotProviderSvc.msi with VeeamVssProviderSvc does not work on Win10.

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Hi all,

During the upgrade to V12 for several of our customers we received an error where we couldn’t upgrade all the components.

VeeamVssHwSnapshotProviderSvc.msi with Veeam VSS Hardware Provider Service (VeeamVssProviderSvc) service inside does not work on client Windows 10


A short workaround on this:

Connect to the database and perform the following statement (of course, take a backup of your database first!)

delete from [dbo].[HostComponents] where id = '8A3F9C13-90F3-4B1C-A2A7-C82E6AB66E0F'


It seems that not all Windows 10 installations are facing this problem. We’ll try to figure out of certain builds are involved in this. On the other hand, a fresh v12 install in Win10 works without any problems.





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thanks for the info, it will definitely help as knowledge base.
now time to investigate why it happens.


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Interesting issue and fix.  Thanks for sharing.