Veeam Sizing for Repository Needed

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With 24 monthly, 4 weekly and 6 incrementals I get 209.63 TB (199.63 TB without the neccessary working space in the repo).

Without the ReFS reduction you would have 24 monthly and 5 weekliy Fulls, this would sum to 812 TB. So, the calculated 199 TB are a reduction of about 1 to 4.

Not bad, I think….

—- So based on this customer will need a 209.63tb of storage? I think that is too much for a 2yr retention in disk? 

Based on your requirements it is not too high.  This is how the tool works to help calculate storage even with the ReFS/XFS savings.

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I configured 14 days daily with two weekly fulls, three monthly and 10 yearly backups.

In which way you implement this is your decision.

The GFS is always a copy job. so, you will need a primary job to do the actual backup of your systems.
You can find more information about GFS here:

When you don’t want a copy job, you can create several primary jobs - one for the daily with the weekly backups, one for the monthly and one for the yearly backups.


The calculation above was an example how much storage you will approximately need.

I get the same numbers as you so looks good.