Veeam 11a Enterprise Plus backup / copy to Google Cloud Storage possible?

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Hi all. I have read many threads and howto’s. I am here now because I just cannot find the answer.

As mentioned I have 11a Enterprise plus and can create a Backup repository (although it cannot be selected as it is not listed when I try create a backup but I believe this is not the way to do it any way)

When I go to External repositories and select Connect to, I can get all the way to completing the Bucket details on the Wizard screen, and just after selecting the folder (which is another magic trick in itself) I get the error “Repository description not found Agent failed to process method {Cloud.GetRepository.Owner} and can go no further.


Does anyone have any idea’s or am I missing something obvious? I just want to back up my HyperV machines nightly to Google cloud storage instead of an external drive and the human management of that.


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The performance tier needs to be static. An external drive is not static.

If you keep the same external drive connected all time, then disable the rotated option in the properties of the external drive repository.

But I recommend to invest in the right hardware for the primary backup storage. Think of your expected restore times (RTO), if you only have a backup on object storage (in V12). You don‘t want to wait for hours until everything is restored.

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Thanks @MicoolPaul for the answer.

When I try setup SOBR through the wizard, I need to add a Performance Tier (backup repository). Currently the setup is that Veeam backs up to an external drive only as I mentioned, which is supposed to be rotated. When I select that back up repository to add, I get the error “Unable to add extent Veeam Backup because it saves as the target for one or more jobs types which are not supported by a scale-out backup repository.”

Do you have any advice on what I can do or should do?

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Google Cloud Storage is object storage, backing up directly to object storage is supported in v12, for now you need to backup to a ‘normal’ VBR repository that’s configured as a scale-out backup repository. VBR SOBR’s have a functionality called capacity tier that can copy/move backups from a normal repository to the cloud.


There are a lot of technical design reasons why but the answer to your exact question is as above, not direct to GCP yet, use VBR’s SOBR for now, and then you can go direct in v12