The Path to becoming and Legend or Vanguard can be tough but it is so worth it! Veeam100Summit!!

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When you start your journey to becoming a Legend or Vanguard the road ahead can seem lonely and even frightening

Much work must be done and in the beginning it is easy to become distracted by things on the side and loose focus


You need to be careful not to break any rules or run into areas of danger

You will cross many work rivers and then face a steep climb

You might be tempted to turn back and avoid the effort

You might think that you are almost there and then face yet another challenge

Don’t let yourself feel caged in

When you finally become a Legend or Vanguard the reward is in reaching new heights and seeing things in a different and omnipotent way!

Veeam treats you like Royalty and you feel as if you are finally in the Castle that you deserve!



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Enjoy your trip !

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Great trip so far for the #Veeam100Summit

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That's really true, Geoff 😎

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Great article Geoff

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Great commands of words! Above all, great collections…

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Nice photos!

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One day….one day it will be a reality.  Congrats on your deserved milestone.

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Loved this one, @Geoff Burke !😊