Mastering Veeam Backup & Replication v10 - Packt/Amazon

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I just wanted to post about my upcoming book for those that might be interested in learning about Veeam v10.  The book is title - Mastering Veeam Backup & Replication 10 from Packt Publishing.  It is in pre-order now on Packt and Amazon.


It will cover some of the more advanced topics in Veeam v10 and requires some knowledge.  It will be a great reference for anyone wanting to learn more about Veeam.


If you have any questions just let me know.  The publishing date is noted for March 9th but I have fast tracked the chapters which are all done now so that we can move the date up sooner to February timeframe hopefully.  I can post more news once I have some.


Pre-Order Links:


Amazon -


Packt -


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Excellent! Wish you all the best and looking forward for the book.

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Nothing like that no.  It is a full book on specific topics for each of the 10 chapters.

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Hi Chris, like Master-Veeam-Tricks-Volume1 ?