Largest VM you backup?

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I created a VM with No OS the other day so with data reduction essentially zero! I just wanted to test mounting a VMFS datastore to see if the VMDK file was still there. 😂


As a windows shop I’ve been giving a bit more to the system disks lately so I don’t really have “tiny” VM’s.  I like to increase logging a fair bit for audits so the extra space is nice to not have to shuffle stuff around. 

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My biggest vm being backed up was a “Giant” 2TB SQL Server, and a 1.5TB Oracle Server.

they were not so big, but very critical, both running in Mechanic Discs, so the backups took so long to perform, and some times, the machines jammed, so they were backed up at night, out of working ours, and every time we did a change, fingers crossed for not messing the Full backup. 😂.