Harware requirements for backup server

  • 18 October 2021

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Additionally, for users with tape installations (for file to tape jobs processing more than 1,000,000 files):

  • 1.5 GB RAM for file to tape backup for each 1,000,000 files
  • 2.6 GB RAM for file restore for each 1,000,000 files
  • 1.3 GB RAM for catalog jobs for each 1,000,000 files


Please anyone expation what its means?


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it means that your backup server needs additional RAM if you are using file-to-tape operations.

And I think that the amount of storage - at least for the catalog tasks - are too less. I had a tape to catalog some months ago with a lot of files - but not 100 millions of files - and the process used over 100GB of RAM.

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ok but qus is suppose i want backup 10GB  to tape how much ram i need?

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This are RAM requirements for file-to-tape operations, so it depends on the amount of files.

If your 10 TB consists of 0ne file you will need much less storage. If there are some million files you will need the mentioned amount of RAM for each million of files.

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suppose 100 files in 10GB Then?

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To start with tape I would calculate with the requirements written in the manual - 2.6 GB RAM.