Fun Friday: Pick a Favourite Cloud Object Storage

  • 15 October 2021

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Fancied trying a different fun Friday this week, what’s your favourite cloud storage?

This could be a public hyperscaler or an object storage specialist vendor.


With Veeam having such a list of supported vendors it’d be great to see the ones you’re all most enthusiastic about working with, bonus points for why!


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I would go with the following -


On-Premise - Cloudian or ECS.  They work flawlessly with Veeam especially Cloudian as they are certified.

Off-Premise - Wasabi, Backblaze or again Cloudian/ECS.  Wasabi and Backblaze once set up work well with Veeam also and Wasabi is again certified.

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Cloudian on Premise, it works really great. 👍👍

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For on-premises object storage we will probably choose to use Quantum or Dell immutable object storage appliances for our VCC environment.

It seems that the costs are better than Cloudian and Nutanix.


For cloud object storage : Wasabi is the most interesting because of certified immutable object storage and no hassle with egress and API costs and so. If Microsoft eventually will launch Veeam ready certified immutable object storage (BLOB) we will use that often because we are also a gold Microsoft provider...