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Blog of the Month March 2024

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It's time to vote! As you're aware, this is a special edition dedicated to World Backup Day, and we've received numerous fantastic stories from our community members and we decided that all of them should be part of this competition! Thank you all for sharing these stories with us! Now, let's see which blog gets best blog of the month and wins the $100 voucher!

Please vote until March 31st ! 

Wishing all our participants the best of luck! 😊

@mkevenaar , @Chris.Childerhose , @coolsport00 , @JMeixner , @MarkBoothman , @leduardoserrano , @MarcoLuvisi , @marco_s , @mhmdadl , @Iams3le , @Moustafa_Hindawi , @Scott , @Geoff Burke , @HunterLAFR 

Let’s share it on our socials and get more votes!



Poll question: Please help us determine the best by voting on your favorite one by Sunday, March, 31st.


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Wow excited to be mentioned again and best of luck to all the great blogs for this month.

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My bad in here , forgot to add to this poll @HunterLAFR with his awesome story : World Back Up Day Blog of the Month Special Edition - My Story - Luis F.

If you vote for him , please add your vote in the comments!

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Thanks for the mention.

Good luck all, and great seeing so much engagement in this one. I enjoyed all the stories. 

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Hi! Thanks so much for the mention, @Madi.Cristil! All shared stories are excellent! 🙏🏻👏🏻