VeeamON 2024

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Sad I can’t attend in person this year but it’s just too busy. Work with people retiring as well as training new staff, and after hours it seems to be weddings, moving to a new house, and gigs with the band leaving little time for much else.  


I’ll attend virtually this year. Really looking forward to hearing about the potential of a future release, and some of the fine tuning on the malware detection.  Veeam is already such a feature rich solid product that I can’t even think of the next features they will integrate. 


I’m looking forward to seeing my Veeam friends post’s and photos from the event. Miami last year was a blast.  Hopefully we are all fortunate and lucky enough to see each other in a few months. 

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Regarding malware detection. Do you have a certain scenario in mind or just curious?