[What (else) is new in v11 - VIII] Restore as First Class Disk (FCD)

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Finally v11 is launched, but I will not stop to talk about small features and improvements :kissing_smiling_eyes:

For today, I found a modern (app) feature. It is about instant virtual disk recovery. Which is not new in v11, but it is new to restore a disk as a First Class Disk (FCD) in vSphere. A FCD - also called Improved Virtual Disk (IVD) - is a new disk type for modern - containerized - applications. It can be used in kubernetes environments, like VMware Tanzu, to provide persistent storage.

More details about FCD you can find here:

Idea for short: manage virtual disk easily even if it is not attached to a VM.

With v11, a virtual disk can be instantly recovered as FCD. This also means, you do not have to attach the disk to a VM at restore time - this can be done afterwards! This is not possible when instant-recovery as "normal" VMDK!


This is wow it works:

Select Instant disk recovery for backup of choice


In wizard select First class disk (FCD)


Name restore-disk as you like


Rest of the wizards is pretty much self-explanatory. After wizard is finished, Restore Session starts.



As usually, Instant Recovery session keeps running. One way to use this restored disk is to attach it to a VM. To do so, add hardware to your VM of choice and select Existing Hard Disk:

You find restored disk in temporary Veeam-Datastore



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quiet insightful! Thanks for sharing. I am so glad to see what Veeam has become in the last 5 years. It's a big innovation curve. 

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Very interesting.

VEEAM adds more and more functionality for containers. That's fine 😎