Wasabi: Minimum storage duration policy

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You might or might not know this, but Wasabi does have a minimum storage duration policy in place.

What's that?

Depending on your pricing model, each uploaded object will be billed for a minimum amount of time.
Pay-as-you-go customers have 90 days, reserved capacity customers (pre-paid) will have 30 days.
If you delete an object before this minimum duration is over, the remaining time will still be charged.

You can find more information on this website:


You upload 1TB of objects to Wasabi and have the 90 days minimum storage duration policy in place. After a week you decide to delete the whole 1TB.
This means you pay for:

  • 7 days timed active storage
  • 83 days timed deleted storage

Can I recover deleted objects?

You might think, that as you pay for deleted objects, you may be able to recover those. Unfortunately this is not the case, so you can’t use this as a recycle bin.
Don't try to save money with a lower retention or use this as a replacement for immutability.


Is this bad?

Not directly as it depends on your change rate and planned retention.
With Veeam we do store backups in object storage in forever incremental mode. This means the majority of backup data (first full backup) will probably not change much and so will be shared with any future backups. The incrementals (daily changes) will matter more, as those can create unique data.
If you only plan to store data for a short amount of time, less than the minimum storage duration, together with a high change rate, then you will face additional costs; in Wasabi's example versus AWS, 23 days will be the duration after which Wasabi will be more cost effective.

Over the longterm, you probably won't notice the minimum storage duration policy that much.

Lower duration for pay-as-you-go 😎

If you don't use the reserved capacity storage model (RCS), then there's an offer for Veeam customers.
You may contact Wasabi support and tell them you're using the bucket together with Veeam. They will then change the minimum storage duration policy to 30 days. This way both pricing models have the same storage duration.




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Good to know this as I use Wasabi for my homelab to send over Veeam backups.  Thanks for the share and post. 😁

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Thanks for this @regnor Wish they would make it obvious with the retention period they apply

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Nice one @regnor and we’ll make sure @drews sees this too :)

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Thanks for this @regnor Wish they would make it obvious with the retention period they apply

Yeah this information seems to be a bit hidden. On the other hand I can't speak much about other providers and if they have similar policies. In general object storage comes in many different variations (costs per storage, API requests, latency,...). So it's always hard to get the Total costs without reading all the details.

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Nice one @regnor and we’ll make sure @drews sees this too :)

Thanks Rick 😊

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Thank you @regnor for sharing this article, it really helps to know the details.

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@regnor Veeam customers enjoy the benefit of 30 days retention minimum instead of 90 days; seems pretty reasonable, especially for use with data protection

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@drews That's right, the 30 days fit perfectly in most backup retentions. Less the 30days retention is rather unusual.

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Thank you @regnor