Veeam Cookbook is here!!!

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Hi all!!!  I’m here to let you know that the Veeam Cookbook is here and available for all of you in


This cookbook is a collection of recipes to accomplish one task each, the idea is based on a recipe that you read for instructions not for explanations.

This book is intended for many people:

  • New to Veeam and just want a simple next, next, next, approach, not to learn about Veeam but how to do something.

  • People who already know Veeam well but sometimes we only do tasks once on an odd occasion, we know the technology just cannot remeber the how!

  • People who just want a quick refresh

These recipes for now are based in Veeam Backup & Replication operations Version 11. 


The cookbook is the creation of the EMEA Veeam Solutions Architects, and we’d really appreciate your feedback for future releases.


More to come soon!!!


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Awesome site and another great bookmark added.  Thanks for sharing @patricio.rcm 

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thanks for creating it and sharing with us :)

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Very tasty recipes :sunglasses:

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Thanks sharing @patricio.rcm 

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thanks for sharing this! Lots of recipes to read :D

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Awesome @patricio.rcm and thx for sharing this, will definitely read it.

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Awesome @patricio.rcm 

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Really a great idea; a practical guide makes sense if you need to accomplish certain tasks or don't want to read all details. Thanks for creating it.

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Adding on my read list right now!

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Added to favourites :muscle_tone1: