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Veeam 100 Show - Honey, I shrunk the RPOs

Veeam 100 Show - Honey, I shrunk the RPOs
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 Honey, I shrunk the RPOs! 🐜



Happy Friday, community! In yesterday’s episode of the Veeam100 Show, @Michael Melter was joined by @anthonyspiteri79 to show how you can build the smallest RPO possible. Michael digs into his past as a scientist with a PhD in chemistry (wow!) and shows a Veeam relic from 2007! Catch the latest episode below 💫




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Thanks for sharing this Safiya as I missed this one.   Will be watching it now.

Great episode!

It would be good to see how storage performance behaves with such configuration.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hi @jcolonfzenpr.

I’m happy you like the episode.

You nailed it: Storage performance is indeed something to take into consideration here. You have to size the environment properly. E.g. should the ring-buffer (AKA transaction log) for the volume be an independent aggregate - ideally flash. Also should it be defined with a differing (smaller) SAU size. DataCore has guidelines available for that specific question.

If done properly, it can even speed up e.g. write-I/O as the writes become sequential when enabling CDP (without they are random). 




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Thanks for sharing, @safiya ! Great episode! 👏🏻

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Thanks for sharing @safiya 

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Very cool stuff. Now i need to look at DataCore. Hopefully other companies will integrate this soon!