Supply Chain vs. Data Portability: More Important Than Ever

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This week I had the opportunity to do a presentation at a nice executive briefing with a number of our key partners and customers. I love hearing from the field and it is nice to have those authentic conversations.

I also like to know what is the latest from other brands in the industry. I live and breathe backup, but like all technology. One of the presentations today was around networking hardware solutions. The first 15 minutes of the presentation were focused on explaining the delays in confirming part availability, lead times with products, supply chain challenges with various materials and components. I’m sure some of these challenges exist across the board in enterprise and consumer IT devices.

Right at that moment it dawned on my how awesome Veeam is in this current conditions. Software-Defined, Hardware Agnostic and Cloud-Ready. This is more valuable than ever as it dawned on me that Veeam has from the start taken Data Portability very seriously. Consider some of these capabilities:

  • Instant Recovery (to VMware vSphere or Hyper-V)
  • Bare-metal Recovery
  • Restore to AWS, Azure and GCE (From other workloads)
  • Replication & Failover
  • Physical server recovery to VM or the cloud
  • NAS recovery to new devices
  • Recovery to service providers

I have for while referred to some of these capabilities collectively as “Absolute Portability” as you have full control of your data and systems and how you recover them. Also consider file, application and drive level recoveries.

Couple this with the current supply chain challenges, I’m reminded of a story that I’ve told what seems like a million times. Sometimes people migrate platforms not because they want to, but because they have to. For example, if a critical server has failed and a replacement part has an unclear time to ship or otherwise be ready for you; now would be a good time to consider restoring that system to a virtual platform or to the cloud.  

Having this portability is more important than ever and you can expect more from us in this regard. Do you have a recovery story like this that saved the day? A story to share with recovery to a new platform? Let me know in the comments below!



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I should also add that the context of this conversation was also around ransomware. Thought being that sometimes incident response will want to secure the source IT assets, even with a backup ready to recover. When this happens, it sometimes forces the matter to recover elsewhere. 

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Portability is a great advantage; being able to recover almost anything to anywhere gives you flexibility for many use cases. So far I haven't done any recoveries to different platforms, but like many here in the community I have used Veeam to migrate physical agent backups to virtual or cloud systems.

I often introduce this portability to customers, so that they keep such scenarios in mind. Thinking about how long it could take to replace failed hardware, an instant recovery (to a VM) can be a viable alternative.

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I’ll say @regnor  - it works surprisingly well, surprisingly fast and goes easier than it would seem.  I haven’t done what I call “conversion restores” a lot, but Veeam has never let me down in this regard.