How to temporarily turn off MS O365 throttling

  • 27 March 2021

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When you will download data from Exchange Online – Microsoft will throttle your traffic. In previous years to change it, you should open a support ticket to MS. Now you can temporarily change this directly on Microsoft 365 admin center. This can be especially useful for initial full backup for multiple mailboxes. How to setup this? Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center and in the top right corner open help and just type “ews”.


Then you have to run tests


as a results you will have option to select duration 30, 60 or 90 days with higher throughput speed.

select one of available value and update settings.



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Thanks @mariuszr this is really helpful!!

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Wow this is great and very useful👍

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It is really helpful!


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Wow, nice finding.

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Great find! Gonna speed up some onboarding now...

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Thanks, this will help me on my migrations to Exchange Online 😃