#DailyQuiz - #VMCE 2020 Scenario question 49 walkthrough

  • 23 December 2020
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Today’s #VMCE2020 #DailyQuiz walkthrough is ready.


How can you import data from CSV files to Veeam ONE if they are exported from your CMDB? Do you use a CMDB? Which one?

Try this question and more at https://rasmushaslund.com/vmce-practice-exam/

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Rasmus, the link for the practice exam was blocked by my browser because it wasn’t


It is


Not sure why this link is different from the text, but thought you should know. This is the warning I got from NortonLifeLock

Dangerous Webpage Blocked
You attempted to access:
This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.