Comprehensive Guide on how to deploy Endpoint Configuration manager in your Lab or Production Environment

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Configuration Manager is a powerful management application with the potential to affect every PC in your organisation. When you deploy and manage Configuration Manager with careful planning and consideration of your business requirements, Configuration Manager can help reduce your administrative overhead and total cost of ownership.

Microsoft integrates Configuration Manager into the Intune family of products, offering an integrated solution for managing all devices. This integration simplifies licensing and eliminates the need for complex migrations. Users can continue leveraging their existing Configuration Manager investments while tapping into the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud at their own pace.

The Microsoft Intune suite includes Configuration Manager, Endpoint Analytics, and Autopilot, offering an integrated solution for managing all your devices.


Have you ever wanted to deploy Endpoint Configuration Manager in your lab or production environment? I've got you covered with an end-to-end article detailing all the steps, complete with graphical images for each step. Check out the blog post here:


I was an SCCM administrator at a previous job!

The main reason I learned PowerShell was to manage SCCM for a huge network of computers.

Over 100+ computer models, 400+ applications, BIOS upgrade/configuration, lots of task sequences and integrated with MDT etc.

Zero Touch Installation!

Pre Intune era...

Good times those days!



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Excellent article 👌