Better Data Change Rate History Report in Veeam ONE v11a

  • 18 November 2021

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When it comes to sizing a new Backup environment or just new repository server, one metric that is always asked is the daily change rate. You can also see in the most popular - unofficial - Veeam sizer:


Even with VeeamONE it was not simple to get this information easily for VMs and physical machines. This gap was closed with the version v11a of Veeam ONE. The previous report named VM Change Rate History was replaced by the new Data Change Rate History. Fortunately not just the name changed, it also gets some new features!

What's new in report configuration

  • Includes Agent backups. Now these job-types are supported:
    • VM Backup
    • Replication
    • Agent Backup


  • You can select the base of change rate calculation: Data transferred or read.


What's new in the report itself

  • Includes a nice graph for change rate history - for VM and agent data.
  • Includes daily change rate.
    • In Summary

    • In detail - per machine



This is a great help for sizing!


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Thanks for sharing @vNote42, sorry if it hijacks the thread but I’ve been doing a lot with GFS calculations recently and especially when you factor in object storage, you’ve got really efficient backups, but it’s not possible to simply convert daily to weekly/monthly and short of making them full backups, it’s hard to gauge estimated space for these.


Wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this!

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Great post @vNote42 nice to see the changes to the is report in VONE v11a.  Will be one to check out for sure.

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Hello, I am trying to size a new repository based on this report but I am struggling to understand the columns.  What is the description of each column header?  I think I understand “Avg Change Rate per Day (GB)” and “Avg Change Rate per Day (%)”  but need help with the total and actual columns.  Thank you in advance for sharing any information.